Are you in the beginning stages of planning your wedding? If so, this FREE REPORT COULD SAVE YOU THOUSANDS and it is yours FREE. No strings attached. With over 20 years of experience in meeting with brides and grooms we know that the amount of time it takes to compile information is overwhelming and this FREE REPORT is not geared towards any one vendor category.

This information will not only save you time but will indeed give you a national snapshot of what the average amount you should expect to pay for ALL of the services and products for your wedding. This information is unbiased. It is accurate and is far better than any research you can do on your own. For example, if you contacted 5 to 10 photographers or DJs or bridal gown stores, etc., would you have a true average expenditure for that category as compared to the thousands of vendors across the nation in thousands of cities?

Free Report Could Save You Thousands

Well of course you can decide that for yourself but if you want to really spend your hard earned money wisely I suggest you contact us today.
Why do we do this?

Simply because we see all to often that new couples are spending way over the national average on one or more “must have services” only to find out that they went over budget and now cannot spend what they want on another service that they really want and after you have signed a contract and paid your deposit you will find that most wedding vendors do not give refunds because you had a change of heart.

If this FREE REPORT saves you money and you end up being able to afford our services… Great, but even if you want another photographer we feel you will have a better dream wedding when decisions as big as these are made wisely and knowing that we helped you in that is a reward for us when you share it with the people you care about.

By the way, our average price is definitely well within the national average.

See for yourself by requesting this report. Click here.

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