Twelve Thirteen 14

Twelve Thirteen 14 Wedding

Well so many people called asking if we could shoot their Twelve Thirteen 14 Wedding so we did this complete wedding for Heidi and Levi on 12/13/14. Congratulations to the two of you. A special congratulations to both of the bride and grooms families and friends. This wedding day was a bit chilly but the warmth of these two combined families kept everyone comfortable. We hope you enjoy seeing a good part of their wedding and reception that took place at Reformed Theological Seminary Orlando.

The dinner was supplied by Levan’s Catering.

Reformed Theological Seminary Wedding

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Sparkler Exit Photos

Sparkler Exit Photos

Sparkler Exit Photos take a little calculation on aperture and shutter speed to get this right especially while the sparklers are burning down. In this image I went outside the venue to scout out a nice location and since this shot was taken at night on a golf course it was  quite easy to frame the group. The hard part was trying to get everyone to write their letter backwards so that the word would look correct from the camera view. Flipping the word in post production will flip the letters the right way but the problem is the word flows backwards so it took a few practice motions but then we were all ready. One take and we nailed it. Next we spelled the brides new last name while the happy couple kissed before they went back inside for their last dance before their grand exit.

Sparkler Exit Photos

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