Groom shows wedding ring

Groom shows wedding ring

This fun photo titled the Groom shows wedding ring with excitement and the guys are impressed. Awesome describes the emotion in this fun photo captured shortly after the ceremony. Okay, obviously this pose was done in fun which is what a wedding celebration should be about. Right?

The ceremony took place at the family home and the reception was at the Sanford Garden Club.

Groom shows wedding ring

The guests created a heart shape for a photo as requested by the bride. It took a few minutes to get it together but it worked perfectly considering the extreme afternoon temperature for this summer wedding.

heart shaped photo

The rest of the day was a non stop party and great celebration.

All Inclusive Wedding Deal

All Inclusive Wedding Deal

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Outdoor Garden Wedding

Outdoor Garden Wedding

We enjoyed photographing this elopement wedding couple at The Secret Garden recently. They had their ceremony, cake and toast at this beautiful private venue in Orlando, Florida.

Photo ideas include spelling the word "Love"

Fun photo ideas include spelling the word “Love” with the bride and grooms hands while they kiss.075 copy

Outdoor Garden Wedding in Orlando

087 copy

099 copy

Cutting the wedding cake in the covered screened in patio.100 copyThis garden has become a very popular location in Orlando for intimate elopement packages and can hold up to 60 guests. Looking for something easy to plan and is ideal for a private event?

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Orlando Seminary Wedding

Orlando Seminary Wedding

We hope you enjoy viewing this wedding album layout from a Orlando Seminary Wedding at the Reformed Theological Seminary in Orlando, Florida. Congratulations to Heidi and Levi on their 12/13/14 celebration of marriage. Photos taken by Gary and Marti Davids of Abba Photography. The event was catered by Levans Catering. The brides sister Abby, sang a couple of beautiful songs at the reception. The weather was a bit on the chilly side but the dancing and space heaters kept everyone comfortable and in the party spirit. This wedding date was sought after by many brides and grooms but Heidi and Levi were the lucky ones.

Reformed Theological Seminary Wedding

Orlando Seminary Wedding



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Engagement Proposals Central Florida

Engagement Proposals Central Florida

Engagement Proposals Central Florida. The wedding season in Florida is year round unlike most of the rest of the country due to the beautiful weather we have every month of the year. It is rarely to hot or too cold to hold the perfect wedding event in Orlando. There are so many beautiful locations to have your wedding  at in the Orlando area and one of our favorite locations is The Secret Garden. This venue is actually our own outdoor private studio shooting location of Abba Photography so we know all the great places to take pictures without wasting valuable  time that could be spent mingling with family and friends for your light reception. The prices for the all inclusive weddings at The Secret Garden are unbelievable and what is included is astounding. We hope you enjoy looking at the pictures we have taken at this great location. So when thinking about having a courthouse elopement wedding, why not consider this alternative.
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Twelve Thirteen 14

Twelve Thirteen 14 Wedding

Well so many people called asking if we could shoot their Twelve Thirteen 14 Wedding so we did this complete wedding for Heidi and Levi on 12/13/14. Congratulations to the two of you. A special congratulations to both of the bride and grooms families and friends. This wedding day was a bit chilly but the warmth of these two combined families kept everyone comfortable. We hope you enjoy seeing a good part of their wedding and reception that took place at Reformed Theological Seminary Orlando.

The dinner was supplied by Levan’s Catering.

Reformed Theological Seminary Wedding

Green Lantern Power Ring

Green Lantern Power Ring

Green Lantern Power Ring

A word about the wedding bands. The grooms is a replica of a Green Lantern Power Ring, a super hero from DC Comics charged with policing space. Green Lantern has always been one of his favorite super heroes due to his ring being fueled by his own Willpower and it’s only weakness being his own Fears (embodied by the color Yellow).

The brides ring is a 14k Black Gold, Black Diamond ring in the shape of a lotus flower. She has always liked darker colors and wished to express her uniqueness with this non conventional ring. The lotus flower shape as well plays an important role in some works of fiction she enjoys.

050 copy

Green Lantern Power Ring

The story continues…

One of the oldest planets in the universe, Oa serves as the home and headquarters for a race of blue-skinned powerful humanoids who have dubbed themselves the Guardians of the Universe. The Guardians administer the Green Lantern Corps, a group of powerful universal police officers equipped by the Guardians with green-colored power rings along with green lanterns with which to charge the rings.

According to the story “Heart of a Star” in the Sandman: Endless Nights graphic novel, Oa’s star is called Sto-Oa (the Light of Oa) by the children of the planet’s inhabitants. Its location has been firmly established by numerous references in Green Lantern comics over the years. It was formerly the center of the universe until the events of Infinite Crisis.

Oa’s history is not clear; according to some stories, the Guardians originated on a planet called Maltus. These evolved Maltusians later moved to Oa and named themselves Oans. Oa became a convenient base of operations. Other stories had the Oans living there from the beginning.

This wedding is one of several we have photographed with truly unique themes. Congratulations to Michael and Ginny on their marriage at The Secret Garden officiated by Rev. Gary Davids on 12/13/14.