A wedding is a very stressful

A wedding is a very stressful event
A wedding is a very stressful event

A wedding is a very stressful event and one of the items that normally causes stress is the choice of a photographer.  We called a lot of companies and individual photographers with a host of questions and finally settled on Abba Photography because of their professionalism and wonderful customer service.  We couldn’t be more pleased with our choice! 
They were perfect in every regard.  Not only did they assist us in creating shots we hadn’t thought of, they also provided the best wedding photos possible.  They were not obtrusive or in the way.  Since the wedding, no matter who we have shown our wedding pictures to, their first reaction is always “Wow, where did you find the photographer?  These pictures are amazing!”
So, thank-you very much Gary and Marti.  You made one thing perfect on the most special day of our lives!
Thomas and Paula Rebman 

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