iPhone Wedding Photo

iPhone Wedding Photo

I wouldn’t suggest photographing your wedding with an iPhone but if you understand lighting, composition and what limitations your cell phone has you can create some awesome images and when saved at the original size you can certainly make use of the images. Here is an example of an iPhone Wedding Photo I created this past week at The Portofino Bay Hotel at Universal in Orlando. Yes, I did manipulate the image for clarity and saturation with one of my favorite apps available on the app store but it was all done right within the phone in less than 2 minutes. No long tedious importing and manipulation with Photoshop. So do I suggest not hiring a professional for your event? Of course not. Do I suggest learning what tools you already own? You bet!

I get lots of comments made about the amount of time I spend with my phone but believe me I make good use of the really nifty tool apps I have installed. Contact me any time to share these and who knows. A new friendship may also develop in that time. Some of the best tips and tricks I know were the result of someone else sharing with me.


What app did I use you ask? It’s called Camera + and only costs $1.99

Happy shooting and I hope to see your creations too.

More photos taken with my iPhone coming soon.

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